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I’m Christopher Scott


My passion for photography started young when my grandfather took me on drives around New York to develop my creativity by pushing me to constantly improve every time I fired my shutter. His method extended well beyond my camera and into everything I do today. I’ve expanded my horizons since, allowing my camera to bring me across the globe photographing places like Germany, Iceland, Bali, and beyond from land and air. I hope my current project in Barbados as a content creator allows me to see more from the sea.


I studied architecture but found that my camera gave me more room for creative expression through media. I still fall back on some of those principles of design, composition and detail. Expanding my skills with drone photography has added a whole new perspective to my work as a drone pilot. The most important thing to me remains to be the ability to take people where they have never been before through the power of my lens.


I’m a nomad, and I continue to love the journey I am on. It has allowed me to meet incredible people and learn some of the most valuable life lessons along the way. I love the energy of heading out on a new adventure and turning something that seemed like a dream into a reality. 


So pack your bags, and I’ll pack mine, and let’s see all the places together.


Warm regards,

Your Nomadic Friend

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